Title of the Project: Cloud based autonomous multipurpose system with self-communicating bots and swarm of drones


Abstract: In the context of modern age of technology we want to propose an automated system that can be used in multiple applications like disaster management, agriculture fields, defense etc. In recent years we have seen the disaster to happen where it was least expected, naturally increasing the number of casualty. Why should we endanger precious human lives in those risky rescue tasks when it can be performed by automated bots at ground level and UAVs (unmanned Aerial Vehicles) above the sky. We are thinking of a system where a swarm of drones (may be with different properties) and bots will extract related information of the concerned area or event and perform the desired task. The relevant information are fed by them to a cloud system for further analysis.  The common disaster like fire, flood, and landslide can be countered using this automated control system. Apart from disaster management this system can be used to decrease the load of work in agricultural purpose. This system can also be used in defense for strategic applications that can save numerous lives and properties.



Title of the Project: A low cost fully autonomous GPS (Global Positioning System) based Quad copter for disaster management


Abstract: With the advent of real applications in fields like public safety like disaster management and defense, Quad copter is becoming popular. Quad copter does not require any traffic signal; it can fly in the sky like bird and it can go anywhere as per requirement. This feature has boosted up the popularity of Quad copter in the community. Now a day's more and more fields get dependent on Quad copter, the system needs to be more robust and less expensive. For example, in defense field security is the major issue, while in Disaster management time, public safety is the major issue. The invention proposes a low cost, secure (as it has Global Positioning System installed in it, so it can hold at any position getting proper instruction by operator) and autonomous model for Quad copter. We have applied a patent for this project and it has also published.


Title of the Project: A mind-controlled UAVs (unmanned Aerial Vehicles). 


Abstract: Using electroencephalogram (EEG) data to extract event and error related potentials, and classify the sense of direction perceived in the brain, and improve the quality of the results using the error related potentials which are detected. This project is novel in its application of a brain computing interface (BCI) to a 3D movement problem such as navigation of UAVs. This project uses Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence to train the robot. I have applied a patent for this project.


Title of the Project: Augmented Reality Headset for Linux Based Operating System


Abstract: Project Arnolens aims at bringing the open, free and personal experience of a Linux desktop to Augmented Reality. The most exciting thing about the augmented reality system is that our computing experience would no longer be confined in the boundaries of a monitor. No longer would we need hardware keyboards, mouse or touch screen to interact with the system. The system we want to build would make it possible to run apps in the "real world". Creating a platform similar to the Linux distributions, that would help developers build apps for the platform, help people customize their surroundings and do creative and productive activities all in the world around them. Imagine it as the desktop of your favorite  Linux distro. Instead of the desktop being on a (2-dimensional) display, the desktop is the world around you (3d). You can run your applications in the 3d world, for example, you can open a calculator app and place it on your table. Think of a situation where an editor has to survey five different articles and write an article summarizing them. If he does it on a usual desktop, he would have to stack the windows and also switch between them really often in order to get a good look at all the articles. Let's not forget that he also has to type the article on the word processor which on the same desktop. Its a tedious and time-consuming job even with virtual desktops feature of Linux or the task view of windows 10. He would either need multiple monitors or a big monitor. But if he were to use augmented reality OS, then there are no monitors, he can place the articles on different places on the table or in thin air. He can place the windows anyway he sees fit. He won't need to switch between windows or virtual desktops anymore. It is as natural as working with multiple documents on the table. This would take much less time and it would be less tiring. In short, he is able to increase his productivity by using this augmented reality platform. This system can be of help to many different types of people on multiple occasions, like civil or mechanical engineering, art, editorials, photography, research, office work, and many many more applications we don't even know about now.

And since its a Linux based system and it would be open-sourced, developers around the world can develop, support and build this platform in the way they love and want it to work.


What we would wanna build as students is to create a platform which consists of:

1) An augmented reality headset. Which is just for prototyping and MVP, built with DIY equipments.

2) A Linux based operating system, which the main focus.


We will try to build it in a way that makes it capable of competing with other similar closed & corporate technologies like Atheer and Hololens. And also keep the Linux philosophy of an open and free system, of the people, by the people and for the people.


Title of the Project: Advanced IOT Based Combined Remote Health Monitoring, Home Automation & Alarm System


Nowadays, automation and Internet of Things are changing the world. The day-by-day development of the Internet of Things causes a revolution in modern technology, which makes our life easier and automated. Due to a busy schedule and irregular lifestyle, health hazard is not an age-dependent factor in the recent era. Under these circumstances, Internet of Things has provided a much easier solution for remote real-time health monitoring of patients from the hospital as well as home. Sensors acquire the data of various parameters regarding patients’ health, and the Internet of Things stores that data and displays through the website, which provides access for remote monitoring. Use of Sensor reduces the human error, and the size of the system reduces the space of the room. The unique part of this proposed solution is the alarm generation to provide the prescribed medicine to the patient in time. The other beneficial area of the system is the scheme of sending the notification through email and SMS alert if any of the health parameters crosses the threshold value. Notification scheme will keep the respective authority conscious of the situation. Another significant area of the proposed solution is to create the optimum surroundings as per the requirement of patient’s health condition In this paper, we have discussed the monitoring of heart rate, blood pressure, respiration rate, body temperature, body movement and saline levels.


Title of the Project: An IoT solution for Raspberry Pi Controlled Cloud Based Air and Sound Pollution Monitoring System with Temperature and Humidity Sensing


Air and Sound Pollution is very big threat to human civilization now-a-days and it is necessary to monitor and control the air quality and sound pressure level to control air and sound pollution. That is why it is important to get the data in real time and take necessary actions quickly. We propose a Raspberry pi controlled cloud based system that allows us to monitor air quality and sound pressure level of remote place at any point of time. It uses air sensors to detect the presence of harmful compound in the air and sound sensor measure the sound level. This system also senses temperature and humidity of that place. All these data, acquired from all the sensors will be uploaded in cloud. A predefined level for both sound and air quality will mark the place as polluted or safe and highlight it to get attention of authority if it is highly polluted. Noise level and air quality index will vary from place to place like hospital aria, residential area, school area or industrial area.


Internet of Things

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